I recently finished reviewing the software for CME credit. How do I obtain the credits?

Please read the CME Instructions page. Complete the Quiz and evaluation form as directed. Send us a floppy disc with the file generated by the program, or send it to us as an Email attachment. Be sure to include your name and phone number in case the file is damaged!”

Does this software certify me in using Intravascular Ultrasound or Pressure and Flow?

No, but you will gain tremendous insight into the application of their use.
What operating systems are supported by the program?

Windows 95/NT (Windows 3.1 is not supported).
Power Mac using OS 7.0 or greater.
What hardware do I need to run the program?

Windows 95/NT - Pentium-based system with 16 mb or greater memory, 10 mb of free hard disk storage, a 16 bit audio adapter, a CD-ROM drive (4x or faster), and a display capable of 800x600 resolution and thosands of colors.
Power Mac using OS 7.0 or higher - Set your display to 800x600 and thousands of colors.

What should I do if the software is not responding in my PC?

1. Make sure you exit all "background" programs. To do this, select Ctrl-alt-del and End the task of unrelated programs, such as Email, Robot, etc. This will ensure the best results.
2. Are you using Windows 95 or NT? The software is NOT compatible with Windows 3.1X.
3. Do you have a sound card? If not, you will be able to view the software but not listen to the audio portions in the Slide presentations.
4. Do you have at least 1MB V-RAM? If not, the program will not display at the best quality.


How do I change my monitor settings to display thousands of colors?

Macintosh: Select Control Panels, then open Monitors & Sound. Select the appropriate settings, then close the control panel. Your monitor will automatically reset.
PC: Before inserting the disk, select the "Start" button. Then select "Settings." Choose "Display" and then select "Settings." Choose "True Color (24 bit)" or High Color (16Bit) in the color palette section and select at least 800 x 600 resolution. You may have to reboot your PC if you are using an older version of Windows 95. Insert the CD once you have made the changes. Consult your documentation that accompanied your PC or Windows 95 disk for further advice.


The IVUS program is designed to auto-load.
If it does not auto load, here is how to manually start the program.
Windows95/NT: Double-click the "My Computer" icon. Next, double click the IVUS
CD-ROM icon. Next, find the file titled SETUP and double-click on it.
Macintosh: Insert the CD-ROM into your drive and wait until a window appears on your
desktop.Double-click on the IVUS Start icon.

This feature only works with the IVUS CD. The Pressure Flow CD must be installed by running the "setup.exe" file

This program requires Apple's Quicktime for Windows software or it will not function. If your system does not have Quicktime installed, the Quicktime installer will automatically launch. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete Quicktime installation.
If you have any further questions or problems with any of our programs, please contact us: Support@TSG-ED.com