This award-winning interactive simulation has been updated and version 2 incorporates advanced search and report capabilities and new cases available on a monthly basis. Finally, narrated didactic presentations are available on a variety of subjects from basics to DES and problem areas that you may encounter.



Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) is a physiological measurement used by the interventional cardiologist for on-the-table assessment of lesion severity. TeachFFR™ delivers virtual case studies and narrative presentations showing how to effectively guide complex PCI procedures using FFR and PressureWire(R)Sensor as guiding tools.



Computed tomography (CT) Angiography is poised to dramatically change the way cardiologists identify and treat heart disease. TeachCTA provides highly interactive case studies where users must correctly interpret images, including calcium, axial stack and coronary analysis. TeachCTA will also provide the ability to provide feedback on images and meet upcoming society mentoring requirements.
About TSG

Technology Solutions Group was founded in 1996 by two accomplished scientists in the area of medical imaging. The company is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio.

Using state-of-the art algorithms and methodologies, the company has developed a number of innovative products in the area of intravascular ultrasound image analysis and training. Additional products have been developed to train health care professionals in the use of intracoronary physiology measuring techniques (pressure and flow velocity).

Each year, rapid advances are being made in medical imaging techniques. We have undertaken the important task of developing a suite of comprehensive teaching CD-ROMs that would allow health-care professionals to keep abreast of these rapid technological advances.

For all questions, please email: support@tsg-ed.com